EDFA (European Down and Feather Association) Certification

International Associated is approved to carry out Traceability Audits to the EDFA (European Dow and Father Asociation) Code of Conduct, the EDFA Traceability Standard and the EDFA Audit Standard.

The welfare of the animals and proper husbandry are of vital importance for our society. This does not only apply to the actual well-being of the animals, but also to a high degree to public health, commerce and the international competitiveness of the European economy.

The over 90 European feather and bedding companies that have joined forces in the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA) since 1980, produce and market about 80% of the turnover volume and thus by far the largest fraction of the products sold in Europe. Ever since its establishment, the association has advocated the gathering of down and feathers in compliance with the community legislative references on animal protection. The respective legal provisions within the EC on animal husbandry and feather gathering are automatically part of its codex.

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