LSAS (Labour Standards Assurance System)

LSAS (Labour Standards Assurance System)

LSAS (Labour Standards Assurance System), was designed by the National Health Service Supply Chain (NHS SC), in conjunction with the Departments of Health and Industry bodies and covers Ethical requirements for its Suppliers. The objective of the LSAS scheme is to reduce the risk of labour standard abuses within the supply chain going on undetected and/or without resolution.

LSAS is not a Code of Conduct it is a Protocol and it covers Surgical Instruments, Footwear, Textiles, Opthalmic, Surgical Gloves and Urology Products.

The LSAS Protocol is a Maturity Model and it has 4 Levels:

  • Level 1 – Foundation
  • Level 2 – Initiation of Implementation
  • Level 3 – Established
  • Level 4 – Progressive

International Associates are amongst a very small number of Audit Firms approved to audit LSAS, Levels, 1, 2, 3 and 4, by virtue of being Accredited by Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) for the Standard SA8000:2014.

The approach taken by International Associates is very much a hands-on approach working with clients to achieve LSAS conformity.

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