ESEP: Ethical Supplier Engagement Program

International Associates Limited is accredited to undertake Ethical Supplier Engagement Program (ESEP)Compliance audits.

ESEP Goals

  • Workers making product for universities are protected, safeguarding a positive view by external stakeholders
  • Environments and communities are protected, building a sustainable manufacturing model with key Licensee factories;
  • Licensee or Vendor/factory ownership over their compliance programs, supporting a consistent, stable manufacturing environment;
  • Supply chain improvements, reducing risks for all involved, fostering positive public perception of the Universities, Licensees and their factories/suppliers.

How it works

Once a supplier / manufacturer enters the program, the following tasks need to be accomplished:

  • Registration with Sumerra: supplier / manufacturer registers with Sumerra the body that is operating the scheme on behalf of the Universities, including Licensee contact information and factories to be included in the Compliance Program.
  • Initial Contact:Sumerra contacts Licensee or Vendor to discuss the compliance program.
  • Monitoring: Each Supplier will be audited annually by an approved assessment company such as International Associates Limited. Sumerra will provide Licensees/Vendors and Suppliers with a CAP highlighting the issues discovered at the factory. Assessments within the Licensee/Vendor supply chain will generally be spread over the course of the year.
  • Remediation:Sumerra will track the progress and provide assistance of CAP items, which should be led by the Licensee/Vendor and managed by the Supplier (Factory).

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