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International Associates Limited is accredited by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition as a Verifier body.

The Higg Index provides a tool for the apparel and footwear industry to assess sustainability throughout a product’s entire life cycle, from materials to end-of-life. The metrics created by the Higg Index are limited to a company’s internal use for the evaluation and improvement of environmental performance. Plans for a future version include the creation of a scoring scale designed to communicate a product’s sustainability impact to consumers and other stakeholders.

The scheme covers two aspects the Environmental FEM assessments and also social impacts. Businesses of all sizes can use the Higg Brand & Retail Module (Higg BRM) to measure the environmental and social impacts of their operations and make meaningful improvements.

Find out more here: Sustainability Insights & Measurement Platform (worldly.io)

Higg rebrands as Worldly to launch insight tool for green factory effort.

Higg, the technology partner of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, is rebranding under a new name – Worldly – under which it will release new products that are not part of the Higg Index suite of tools.

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