International Associates Limited is an accredited IRIS Certification company.

The IRIS certification program evaluates the compliance of labor recruiters with the IRIS Standard and global human and labor rights norms. The IRIS Standard sets the standard for ethical recruitment practices, and recruiters who meet these standards will receive IRIS certification through the certification program. Auditors, trained by IRIS, conduct assessments using customized methods and tools.

The certification process not only includes an initial assessment and certification but also ongoing monitoring and support to ensure continued adherence to ethical recruitment principles. IRIS provides capacity building and training opportunities to help recruiters improve their management systems and recruitment processes.

What is IRIS?

IRIS: Ethical Recruitment is IOM’s flagship initiative to promote ethical recruitment of migrant workers. It has been created by IOM and a coalition of partners from government, civil society and the private sector. IRIS is a global multi-stakeholder initiative that supports governments, civil society, the private sector and recruiters to establish ethical recruitment as a norm in cross-border labour migration.

The goal of IRIS is to make international recruitment fair for everyone involved: migrant workers, employers, recruiters and countries of origin and destination. It does this by:

  • Promoting respect for the rights of migrant workers;
  • Enhancing transparency and accountability in recruitment;
  • Advancing the Employer Pays Principle; and
  • Strengthening public policies, regulations and enforcement mechanisms.

Find out more about the certification process here.

How does IRIS certification work?

IRIS certification is voluntary and only available to privaterecruitment agencies that send or receive workers fromoverseas.

To become an IRIS certified labourrecruiter, applicants (recruiters) willneed to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the IRISStandard.

The IRIS Standard outlines what ethical recruitment looks like inpractice. It is based on international human rights instruments, ILOconventions and standards and best practice from therecruitment industry.

IRIS takes a management system approach to certification. In otherwords, for a recruiter to be IRIS certified, they will need todemonstrate that their management system meets therequirements of the IRIS Standard.

A management system is the way an organization manages thedifferent, interrelated parts of it business, in order to meet itsobjectives. It is a framework for evaluating business risk andmanaging resources to properly plan, implement, monitor andimprove each business practice.

The IRIS certification model is based on similar global certificationschemes and includes a series of checks and balances to ensure thescheme is credible and robust.

The IRIS Standard

Ethical recruitment means hiring workers lawfully and in a fair and transparent manner that respects and protects their rights.

The IRIS Standard is a set of global principles that define ethical recruitment. It is based on international labour and human rights instruments and was developed through extensive multi-stakeholder consultation. The IRIS Standard articulates what ethical recruitment means in practice and how labour recruiters can demonstrate compliance.

The IRIS Standard and corresponding guidelines serve as a reference point for labour recruiters, employers and state actors on how to integrate ethical recruitment principles into recruitment-related management systems, policies, regulations, processes and procedures. To achieve this, the IRIS Standard defines operational indicators against which labour recruiters can be measured to assess compliance.

The IRIS Standard consists of two overarching principles and five specific principles. Each principle is supported by one or more criteria with corresponding sets of indicators to be met by labour recruiters to be IRIS compliant. You can find the seven core IRIS Principles below:

Respect for Laws, Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

Respect for Ethical and Professional Conduct

Prohibition of Recruitment Fees to Jobseekers

Respect for Freedom of Movement

Respect for Transparency of Terms and Conditions of Employment

Respect for Confidentiality and Data Protection

Respect for Access to Remedy

The latest full version of the IRIS Standard came be downloaded here.

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