About Us

About Us

International Associates (IA) are a leading provider of assessment, audit, verification, certification, and training services. Operating from our head office in Glasgow, Scotland, we have a Network of International Offices around the world with Regional Offices in Ireland, and Thailand, as well as a Network of Auditors around the world.

The organization was originally founded in 2016 and registered as a private company limited by shares in Scotland; however, all Senior Management working within IA have over 25 years’ experience in the auditing, certification, regulatory and engineering areas.

We pride ourselves on our I.T. infrastructure, which has been designed to make things more accessible to our clients and to ensure that our Auditors are working as efficiently as possible in the field. Both of these activities ensure that we are competitive in the market place and do not have the burden of bureaucracy weighing us down.

Benefits of Using International Associates
Independent & Self Financing

International Associates Limited does not receive funding from the government or any other source. Our income comes from client fees alone. This dependence on the market ensures our fees are competitively priced and our service attractive.

Professionally Managed

All senior management are also qualified lead auditors who have extensive practical Quality Assurance experience from careers in industry. This gives an in-depth knowledge of the problems the industry faces and client assessment demands.

Modern & Progressive

We are forward thinking. Our approach to the market and client service is a modern one. Our on-line systems ensure that bureaucracy is kept to a minimum, thus reducing the possibility of mistakes and ensuring turnaround of certificates is efficient.

Understanding & Responsive

Being self-financing, depends on our clients. We understand their needs and feelings and welcome their comments. Client feedback is also integrated into our business planning systems and procedures.

Systems & Controls

Defining the manner in which audits are conducted. Audits are planned prior to arrival on-site and auditors briefed. The activities to be performed follow a scheduled timetable which is given to the client well in advance of the audit date.

Client Satisfaction

The entire audit is carried out in a manner to ensure client satisfaction with our service. Any complaints received are reviewed by our independent impartiality committee made up of industry experts.

Electronic Data Transfer

We use data synchronisation through our online portal throughout the entire certification process, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces time and costs.

Client Portal

We have an online portal for clients to access their records from any location, without the need to make data requests.

Professional Auditors

Our audit teams are not only well qualified to carry out the assessment; they also have industry experience and knowledge in the client’s business sector. They understand the problems people may have and can suggest possible solutions to help improve the system.

Fair Results

On completing the audit, a meeting is held with the client during which the results are explained. The client is asked to confirm the findings and is given the opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings affecting the result. All clients have the right to make a complaint about our service or lodge an appeal regarding the findings. All complaints and appeals are reviewed by the IA impartiality committee.

Internationally Accepted Certification

Our certificates are recognized worldwide and accepted by the governments of all the major trading nations of the world.

Online Certification Check

We are currently developing a web-based certification verification system, which will allow the validity of certificates to be verified.

Our Advantages


The most fundamental of all our work principles is that if the client is happy, then were too. Too often, we hear that clients have not received timely responses to a request for assessments. We work hard to ensure we have the necessary resources in place to service our clients in a timely manner.

Value Added

We offer a value-added service that encompasses the assessment of your systems.

Cost Effective

We believe in giving a great service while also maintaining a competitive cost structure. We do this by operation a lean flat management company allowing you to deal with the decision makers.

Our Values

Many businesses feel hampered by overly complex systems, with document trails that simply confuse and frustrate. We believe in a ‘Keep it Simple’ approach which creates clear, straightforward management system assessments that support your business. By continually reviewing our services, we ensure our processes always work efficiently for you.

To find out more about our services please contact us here using the contact us form or call +44 141 3 28 29 28 or email