International Associates operates as a Social Accountability Certification company and as such carries out audits and assessment on behalf of clients and their supply chains.

We have introduced a policy to enable everyone to ‘blow the whistle’ safely so that such issues are raised early and in the right way.

Whether you are a within a clients site or at a manufacturing site within the supply chain of a company at any level we welcome your genuine concerns and are committed to dealing responsibly, securely, openly and professionally with them.

We are acutely aware of the concerns that whistle blowers have with regard to being identified with potential for reprisals. And hence we have the necessary safeguards to protect any individuals that reports to us.

Everyone at one time or another has concerns about what is happening at work. Usually these concerns are easily resolved. However, when you are troubled about something that involves a problems for staff, contractors, public or colleagues, such as; Labour standards issues, professional misconduct or financial malpractice, health and safety, it can be difficult to know what to do.

You may be worried about raising such an issue, perhaps feeling it’s none of your business or that it’s only a suspicion. You may feel that raising the matter would be disloyal to colleagues, to managers or to the Trust and are not sure what, if anything, to do next.

If you are worried about something, please raise it when it is just a concern rather than wait for proof. If something is troubling you that you think we should know about or look into, please read and use this policy.

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