International Security Assessment


With ever changing global supply chains and enhanced supply chain security standards and criteria, such as C-TPAT, PIP, GSV and AEO, The international community has been embracing and implementing more rigorous management of supply chain operators.

As part of enforcing adherence to security standards, companies are required to assess their supply chain to identify, mitigate and eliminate any potential security risks.

While most of the standards arenโ€™t compulsory there are many advantages that can be gained form implementation such as:-

  • International recognition
  • Customs simplifications
  • Commercial benefits
  • Secure supply chain
  • Financial Benefits
  • Business benefits

International Associates had developed a verification system (ISA) that allows an integrated approach to CT-PAT, AEO, GSV and PIP in a single assessment, resulting in increased safety assurance, risk control, efficiency, and cost savings for all participants.

The Programs Requirements include

Corporate Security
Security, vision, and responsibility
Risk assessment
Business partner security
Transportation Security
Conveyance and instruments of international traffic security
Seal security
Procedural security
Agricultural security
People and physical security
Physical access controls
Personnel security
Education, training, and awareness

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