World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) Audits.

The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) was formed in 1978 to promote the world’s sporting activities, to standardize the size of equipment and the rules of sport, to improve the standards of qualify for sporting goods and to promote responsible and sustainable practices in sporting goods internationally.Today the WFSI consists of a diverse global membership including brands, manufacturers, retailers and national and regional sports federations (“member”).

The Board of WFSGI operates by requiring members to commit to a pledge which complying with a specific written code of conduct as agreed upon by a simple majority of all board members.

The ideals of the WFSGI are the ideals of sport, and the organization seeks to promote fairness, honesty, mutual understanding and high ethical standards. WFSI is committed to fostering a sports industry in which members actively build business partnerships with those who share the values of sport and take responsibility for making the values real through active engagement.



As part of the FIFA Quality Programme, the WFSGI Pledge is a tool to ensure that FIFA certified products are manufactured in compliance with the provisions of the WFSGI Code of Conduct.

The goal of IRIS is to make international recruitment fair for everyone involved: migrant workers, employers, recruiters and countries of origin and destination. It does this by:

Today, each company that wishes to sign a FIFA license agreement and become part of the FIFA Quality Programme together with their manufacturer must sign a Pledge form confirming that they are both in compliance with all the principles set forth in WFSGI Code of Conduct. In order to verify this, the FIFA licensee (applicant) has to provide the WFSGI with an audit report proving its supplier’s full compliance with the WFSGI Code of Conduct. The audit report must cover all the provisions stipulated in the Code of Conduct and must be issued by an internationally recognized third party auditing company such as International Associates Limited.

The audit can take the form of a SMETA (2 pillar is sufficient), a WFSGI RSI audit, WRAP, BSCI or International Associate’s own code of Conduct audit.

The pledge covers the following main areas:-

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